Our Team

Leadership Team

Support Tech maintains a strong leadership team consisting of seasoned IT management professionals with decades of real-world, "in the trenches" experience. Ranging from SMB IT to Enterprise, Support Tech's leadship guides the implementation of all implementation projects both small and large-scale.

Dispatch Team

Support Tech maintains a full-time, in-house dispatch team to answer all phone calls during normal business hours. Your calls are converted into support tickets immediately so there is never a wait time for support on your account. Emergency 24x7 after-hours calls are handled by our on-call support team, who will respond to after hours tickets within one hour.

Solutions Team

The solutions team consists of our field engineers and technicians. Support Tech maintains an experienced staff of full-time technicians who are dispatched all over the NYC Metro area during normal business hours to fix problems and maintain our customer's systems. In addition, Support Tech had a staff of Full-time remote support technicians who are available to remotely work on client systems from our offices. The remote team is also responsible for preventative maintenance of systems by monitoring and addressing systems via our Remote Monitoring Software that is installed on all Managed Service client systems.